Thursday, 4 May 2017

Oracle 1z0-066 Question Answer

Which three statements are true about snapshot standby databases?

A. Snapshot standby databases may be used for rolling release upgrades.
B. If datafiles grow while a database is a snapshot standby database, then they shrink when converted back to a physical standby database.
C. Flashback logs are used to convert a snapshot standby database back into a physical standby database.
D. A snapshot standby database can have Real-Time Query enabled.
E. A guaranteed restore point is created automatically when a physical standby database is converted into a snapshot standby database.

Answer: CE

Which three statements are true about Global Sequences when connected to a physical standby database with Real-Time Query enabled?

A. If the CACHE option is set then the size of the cache must be at least 100.
B. Their creation requires that a LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n parameter be defined in the standby that points back to their primary.
C. Their usage will always have a performance impact on the primary database.
D. Their usage may have a performance impact on the physical standby database if the CACHE size is too small
E. They must have the NOORDER and CACHE options set.

Answer: BDE

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